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SLA Boys Program for Spring 2018

Registration opens December 1st

There are several changes to SLA's spring 2018 offerings:

First, SLA is adopting the recently developed Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM) from US Lacrosse, the national governing body for the sport.  The LADM emphasizes small sided instruction and games, resulting in more touches per player and greater opportunity to grow with the sport.  You can read more about LADM here.

In 2018, SLA will be offering both an expanded local recreational lacrosse program as well as competitive league play through our continued membership in the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL), one of the largest recreational youth lacrosse leagues in the country.

It is SLA's intent to offer both local rec and NVYLL options at the 10U, 12U and 14U age groups in 2018, but overall registration numbers and player preference will determine the final shape of the offering at each age group.  6U and 8U will be local rec only and may be combined as required by registration numbers.  See the age group eligibility (by birth date) and program summary chart below.  


The local recreational playing option will feature small-sided instruction and all games in Stafford and (possibly) Spotsylvania counties.  Season runs March through May and will consist of two practices per week and up to 7 games on Saturdays.

6U Age Group: 3v3 (no goalies), modified field (smaller than 60x35 yds), mini or soft sticks, soft lacrosse balls, no protective equipment

8U Age Group: 3v3 or 4v4, modified field (60x35 yds), regular sticks (can be shortened), soft lacrosse balls, full protective equipment 

10U Age Group: 7v7 modified field (60x35 yds), regulation sticks, regulation NOCSAE balls, full protective equipment 

12U Age Group: 10v10, full field lacrosse (this may be modified to meet the development needs of registered players); regulation NOCSAE balls, regulation sticks, full protective equipment 

14U Age Group: 10v10 full field lacrosse (this may be modified to meet the development needs of registered players); regulation NOCSAE balls, regulation sticks, full protective equipment  

All first year players must play in the local rec option. Second year players should play in the local rec option, but can play in the NVYLL league with a coach's recommendation and a successful pre-season assessment to one of those teams. 


The Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL) is a group of 24 recreation associations throughout northern Virginia (from Spotsylvania County to Loudoun County) that band together to offer youth lacrosse at multiple skill levels.  Participation in the NVYLL levels of play consists of up to three practices per week, an 8-game regular season and a playoff experience.  The season runs from mid-February (assessments) through early June (playoffs).

In 2018, participation on an NVYLL level team will require the player to 'opt-in' to NVYLL during the registration process by selecting the, "Interested in NVYLL" option.  The NVYLL playing option is only available at the 10U, 12U and 14U age groups.  All NVYLL age groups play 10v10 full field lacrosse.

  • The player will be evaluated during pre-season skills assessments 
  • The final number of NVYLL teams at each age group will be determined by a combination of the overall number of players at each age group as well as the number and skill of those players desiring to play on an NVYLL level team
  • NVYLL games are played throughout Northern Virginia with roughly half of a team's season played at our home field, currently Stafford High School
  • Players desiring to play in the NVYLL option and successfully assessing to an NVYLL team roster will incur an additional registration fee ($70) to cover additonal expenses associated with the league.  The number of NVYLL teams and rosters will be set in March.   


Another change for 2018 is that members will order their uniforms directly from the manufacturer following during the registration process.  Upon successful completion of the registration, the link to our online store with the uniform supplier, Powell Lacrosse, will be contained in the confirmation email sent to the address used during the registration process. 

  • Sizing information will be available on the Powell Lacrosse SLA store website
  • NVYLL players require both the reversible top and uniform shorts
  • Local rec players require only the reversible top; shorts are optional 
  • Uniform numbers will be assigned by SLA based on availability; players do not get to choose their numbers.

The 2018 uniforms are identical to the 2017 uniforms.  If you are a returning player whose 2017 uniform still fits, no purchase is required.  New players and those requiring new sizes should purchase the required items.

2018 Registration Fees: $75 (Local Rec);  $145 (NVYLL)    *Registration fees do not include uniforms  

Important Dates:
Pre-season Practice starts: 10 February (NVYLL assessments); 3 March (Local Rec first practice)

Kick-off Day - TBD (Early March)

Game Dates:
Games start - 24 March (NVYLL); 7 April (Local Rec)

In-season Practices:
Practices are conducted at parks and schools throughout the county...2018 locations TBD;

NVYLL teams practice up to three times per week, local rec teams will practice up to two times per week.


SLA 2018 Boys Age Groups & Programs

Age Group

Oldest Birth Date

Youngest Birth Date

Programs available




Local Rec only




Local Rec only




Local Rec & NVYLL




Local Rec & NVYLL




Local Rec & NVYLL


* 14U players cannot be in 9th grade

Note: No player will be allowed to 'play down' an age group; players must register in the age group in which their birthdate falls.  Individual requests to 'play up' a division, based on unique combinations of birthdate and grade, will be handled by the cognizant age group coordinators and the Boys Commissioner.  Player size, skill/experience and available spaces at the older age group will also be considered by the Boys Commissioner in making the final determination on the request.  Requests in writing (email) from the parents (not coaches) citing the special circumstances prompting the waiver request are preferred. 


Players must provide their own equipment.

EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS (Items are mandatory to practice or play):
    1.    Lacrosse Helmet - No hockey helmets
    2.    Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
    3.    Lacrosse Arm Pads - SLA recommends arm pads that cover the whole arm, not just the elbow
    4.    Lacrosse Gloves
    5.    Protective Cup
    6.    Mouthguard - Cannot be clear or white in color
    7.    Cleats - Plastic or rubber sole with cleats 1/2" or less in length. Recommend lacrosse, football, or soccer cleats. No baseball cleats.
    8.    Lacrosse Stick
    9.    Lacrosse Rib Pads (recommended for attackmen but not mandatory)
    10.  SLA uniform
Goalie Equipment - players must possess all the equipment listed above plus:
    1.    Throat Protecter is required (SLA can loan)
    2.    Goalie Chest Pad (SLA can loan)
    3.    Goalie Stick (SLA can loan)
    4.    Shin Pads - Optional (soccer type only)